Becoming a morning person. (Written by a night owl.)

Morning Person

I can still hear the frustration in my mom’s voice when she’d yell down the stairs into my basement bedroom to try and wake me up for school. I always ignored my alarm clock. I didn’t mean to upset her. I was just caught somewhere between being completely unconscious and wondering how it can possibly be time to wake up already! I was tired so naturally, I would gravitate toward the snooze button. This behavior has continued into adulthood.

I had just accepted the fact that sleeping until the very last minute was part of my human condition. It seemed impossible to change. I never felt rested and ready to wake up when my alarm clock went off and I thought that meant I needed a few more minutes. Every morning really just consisted of me rushing around trying to get out of the door on time, even on the weekends. I was like a zombie until I had two cups of coffee. Not a great way to start the day.

Then I got married and thought, OMG it’s my chance to be a morning person! It’s impossible to keep sleeping when my husband is awake! We can talk about our feelings and our schedules for the day over breakfast every morning! I’ll make eggs!

Yea. Right.

So recently, I started waking up 30 minutes earlier than I was used to. It changed everything.

I have time to make fresh ground coffee and get caught up on current events and the olympics with my friends in the channel 4 newsroom. I have a few more minutes to stare lovingly at my handsome husband before he leaves for the day. He hates when I do that.  I have time to enjoy the morning light that pours into our tiny apartment. It makes my day so much better.

Mornings! Whoohoo!! (I never thought I’d say that).

If I can make this change, I think anyone can.

Want to break up with the snooze button? Here are 4 helpful tips on becoming a morning person:

1. Start small. Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier the first few days. Then increase it slowly. Don’t press snooze!

2. Have a ritual. Something you look forward to when you get out of bed. For me, it’s turning on the coffee grinder and pouring myself some cereal while the coffee brews. Then I take in the aroma and act out the Folgers commercial about the irish dancer. (Okay not really)

3. Keep it going on the weekends. Plan to wake up around the same time you do during the week, this way it doesn’t throw everything off.

4. Stare at your husband. Or a photo of someone you wish was your husband if you don’t have one.

Hope this helps like it helped me!



Valentines Day leftovers.

It was such a great Valentine’s day!



I made that little card when I was making valentines. Subtlety is a strength of mine.

We had such a wonderful evening last night! Tim brought home those roses and a scarf that HE MADE ME. He hand crocheted it. I died. It’s beautiful! He’s such a gem! We went to the craft store and dinner. I had crab cakes YUM!

What did y’all do to celebrate?

TGIF It’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s here! lt’s Valentine’s Day!

I made Tim the S’mores Cookies I mentioned in my last post and they turned out beautifully (and deliciously).


And I wrote this little card.


I would now like to take a moment and share the story of mine and Tim’s first Valentine’s day together, last year.

Tim was still living about an hour away and last year Valentines day landed on a Thursday so we had made plans to celebrate on Friday. So while I had no expectations that day, I spent most of it waiting for him to text/call and wish me happy Valentines day. He never did. So I finally texted him that afternoon and wished him a happy Valentine’s day. No response. Ever. I was so upset. I mean I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him that day but the least he could do was call me, text me, gmail me, or heck send a message via linked in! I mean I would log into myspace if it meant I had a message waiting for me from my valentine! Nothing. I ended up working about a half hour late that day, why not, I had no Valentine to see or communicate with, but I finally wrapped things up and headed home. When I got to the parking lot, I noticed there were flowers and a card on my windshield, and I heard someone singing “Happy Valentines Day, to you” to the tune of “Happy Birthday”. It was him. He surprised me! I love surprises! He had the whole evening planned and it was absolutely perfect. I informed him that not contacting me all day wasn’t the best way to keep the surprise. So for this year, he married me so I could see him first thing on Valentine’s Day. And we all lived happily ever after.

So tonight I will be going on a date with my handsome, debonaire forever Valentine. At dinner we’ll probably talk about what to name our children (because nine months is not enough) and no I’m not pregnant, it’s just a topic that keeps me up at night.

Love you, Galentines!

I Told You So.

Women (I) love being right. It’s so funny. I feel like I would see it on TV or in movies when women would patronize their husbands when they were wrong. It seems kind of harmless when you see it happen in someone else’s relationship but last night when I had my first “I told you so” moment, it hit me. I was in this instant battle between respecting my husband and saying whatever I felt like. This followed a somewhat heated debate, and by heated I mean, I was getting really upset and Tim was totally calm and kind. Once the issue was resolved, I wanted to say, “See honey, listen to me, I know stuff.” I wanted to remind him that I had tried to tell him before. But why? What’s the point in that? I realized that I was having a moment of selfishness. And guess what? There’s no room for that in a marriage, especially when your apartment is like 600 square feet, there’s no room for anything really. I know what will happen once I start to give in to these small moments of disrespect, it will become a bad habit. I should only build him up. I need to be his biggest fan. I don’t need to tear him down when he’s wrong.

And men, they see things differently than we do. Men don’t care about being right as much as they care about trying to take care of us and having the answer. Tim would never and has never said, “I told you so” because the motivation is different.

Gosh this post makes is sound like we had a really intense argument and I assure you we did not. It was more just a revelation that I had in a small situation. The men in our lives need respect. Even the ones that don’t seem to deserve respect still need to be respected. Respect them and empower them until they become respectable. We women have that power. Let’s use our power for good.

The (Sleep)walking Dead.

I learned early on in my marriage that I had in fact married someone who talks in their sleep. It’s always surprising when I wake up to his voice in the middle of the night and at first it was a little creepy, then it was just hilarious. One night, around 2 in the morning, I woke up to him inspecting the wall above our bed and saying, “It’s okay. It was just a low football.” then he laid his head back down and it didn’t phase him. I laughed so hard I was shocked when he didn’t wake up. When we were sick with the flu, Tim’s sleep adventures reached a whole new level.

One morning around 5 a.m., I woke up and heard him in the kitchen which was strange because we’re really not 5 a.m. people. Then he quickly walked back to our room, got in bed, covered up then got back up and walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, looked in the mirror and fixed his hair (hilarious), turned the light off and walked back into the kitchen. From the kitchen, he again walked back into the bedroom, got into bed, covered up, then got right back up and walked into the bathroom. He continued this routine for about five minutes. It was really terrifying for me because I had always heard that you aren’t supposed to wake up a sleepwalker so I really had no idea what to do. Anytime I said his name, he just said the words “nothin’, nothin'”. Not to mention the fact that his eyes were open and he appeared to be awake but he wasn’t. About 7 minutes in, he got back into bed, took my hand, lovingly held it against his face and then. HE BIT ME. He bit my hand. I jerked away and jumped out of bed. I considered locking myself in the bathroom and letting this pass but I was really worried that he might go outside. Eventually I walked to him and tried to wake him up. He started to come out of it but it took a few minutes.

A lack of sleep, fever and a nightmare about being paralyzed by the virus created the perfect storm for a sleepwalking episode.

There’s never a dull moment at the Gillean’s.

5 tips for newlyweds with the flu.

Tim and I have survived our first virus as husband and wife. Aww how cute! Actually there was nothing cute about it. The both of us were sick. Fever, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, having absolutely no energy and complete and utter boredom for 3 full days is just not my idea of a party. Not to mention the first night that the sickness set in and Tim got zero sleep and had a sleepwalking episode (which was absolutely TERRIFYING on my end) but that’s another blog post. The real obstacle was all the downtime and not getting stir crazy in our tiny 700 square foot apartment. All that to say, I’ve come away from this experience with 5 very helpful tips that may prove beneficial to you.

1. Don’t bother cooking. Two days into the quarantine, boredom really set in (we don’t have wifi) and I had the urge and the energy to cook dinner.  It turned out beautifully but was a total waste of energy and resources. We couldn’t taste a thing. The chicken broth I made for breakfast earlier that day got way more praise than the delicious pesto stuffed chicken I made for dinner.

2. Don’t sleep near each other. Do yourselves a favor and don’t annoy each other with your coughing and getting up all through the night. Sleep in separate rooms. Nobody wins if nobody gets any sleep.

3. Make sure you have a lot of reading material. You can’t go out infecting everyone else because thats rude. You must stay home. And take it from me, sleeping until 11 and watching 6 hour-long episodes of Cold Case Files consecutively can put you into a deep depression and make you paranoid so I don’t recommend it. Once I snapped out of the ‘Cold Case Coma’ as I like to call it (a different show came on), I read the last few chapters of The Selection and completed The Elite. If not for Prince Maxon and Lady America I may have gone insane with boredom. Just like with sleeping, I recommend reading in separate rooms. Again, another person’s cough is annoying.

4. New brides, the flu is a great jumping-off point for re-incorporating unflattering sweatpants into your daytime wardrobe. I know our new husbands didn’t know this side of us before our weddings because they were off playing golf when we were vegging out on the couch in our gray sweatpants but this is the perfect time for the truth. 

5. Take care of each other. One morning I came out into the living room where Tim was sleeping (coughing) and he looked terrible and miserable but the first thing he said was, “are you feeling okay honey?” and it may seem like a simple question to anyone else but to me it was another moment where he showed me that he puts my needs above his own. He’s always doing that.

Oh yea, and don’t forget to drink lots of liquids.

He liked it. So he put a ring on it.

I thought I’d jump back into my blog and share some updates since I last posted. Here’s one…OH I GOT ENGAGED IN MAY AND THE WEDDING IS IN A MONTH. NBD.

I plan on posting some wedding DIY projects and sharing some hilarious stories of things we’ve encountered throughout this engagement but I thought I’d start here. With the proposal. Because that’s when this whole wedding thing began.

Well. It was a Saturday like any other. I woke up and spent the morning/afternoon with my sister and my cousin Brittany. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Tim was at the graduation ceremony at the high school where he worked and I wasn’t sure what time I’d even see him. We had plans to go to a birthday party and then to Arrington Vineyard to spend some time with his family. I spent most of the afternoon sick with a headache and really just wishing I could stay in bed. But I blowdried my hair anyway and put on my makeup and he picked me up for the birthday party. He was totally normal didn’t seem nervous in the least. We had a great time at the party with friends and I should have been suspicious when he finds me and tells me it’s time to go. He never knows when it’s time to go, he never knows what time it is.


We were off to the grocery store to pick up some snacks on our way to the vineyard and I say, please can you just take me home, I really don’t feel well and I don’t want to wear this. Just drop me off and go without me. He tells me we don’t have to stay long. I continue to beg. We proceed to the store. And this should have been my second clue because we were only supposed to be getting food for ourselves and yet he put bags and bags of pretzel crisps, a million vegetables, tons of cheese and 3 packs of hummus in the basket. I don’t even like hummus. I asked him who was going to eat all of the hummus and reminded him that his mom was bringing sandwiches, he proceeded to buy more hummus.

We get to the vineyard and are greeted by his family, we were the last to arrive. We’re just standing around making small talk and then as soon as I started wondering where Tim disappeared to, he came walking up. And then came a man who I think worked at the vineyard but he was holding a bottle that said “Will you marry me?” and by the time I realized that Tim was proposing, he had led me to the front of the stage and I turned around only to see my FAMILY from OHIO. And my best friends and so many people that I love. I was in shock. And then he got down on his knee and he looked so handsome. And then I saw THE RING. And then he ASKED ME. Then I said YES! And thank goodness the band gave him a microphone so I can listen to the proposal over and over again. You can hear the whole thing on the video below (someday I’ll get around to editing it). It was the perfect day. I still can’t believe it was real. And I still can’t believe that this incredible man wants to marry me.


He is my treasure. I can’t get over the thought that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.