Faux-tatoes? How ’bout NO-tatoes!

It’s day 10 of the “purification” and I’m so thrilled because that means we’re halfway there and tomorrow we get to eat meat again! Not going to lie, these past four days have been really tough. I feel like I never want to see another vegetable again and Tim officially hates quinoa now. My teeth were even hurting from all of the raw vegetables. It was really uncomfortable so I asked my doctor about it and he said that they’re more sensitive because of the detox.

On Tuesday, I hit a low point on this detox journey. I was sick, tired and sick and tired of vegetables. Nothing sounded remotely appetizing. But I knew I couldn’t cheat. I just couldn’t. SO. I decided to whip up some steamed veggies and some ‘faux-tatoes’. You know the recipe. Steamed cauliflower, salt and garlic blended together. I’ve had them before and they were great. Only this time, I may have added too much garlic. And by too much garlic I mean I could still taste garlic after I brushed four times. There was so much garlic that after Tim took a bite he said “it kind of burns my tongue!”. It was a major fail. So we filled up on carrots and broccoli and I swear to you my entire dream that night was about pizza.

Yesterday I started a new workout regimen. I haven’t been working out at all lately and I really need to get into shape. It felt great! I did a workout from Dr. Josh Axe’s Burstfit DVDs.

Okay so yay! I get to have chicken tomorrow!! I can’t tell you how good it feels to know I got through the toughest part without cheating. It’s all down hill from here!




Detox Update: The Roadtrip

When I think about road trips, I think about three things:

1. Mixed CDs

2. Junk food and Starbucks

3. Twizzlers or Red Vines (yes they get their own number)

So when Tim and I left for a trip last Friday, I was a little nervous because it was only day 4 of our detox. Numbers 2 and 3 were completely out of the question.

Going into it, I thought the biggest challenge would be going to a wedding where there would be so much delicious food. But the real challenge was actually the drive to Ohio. Stopping to eat on the way to Ohio is basically the only way to get through the six hour trip. Without having that to break it up, we had to improvise. So we played 20 questions and snacked on carrots. Then we sang ‘Let it Go’ because they play it on the radio in Kentucky. And we didn’t stop at the Starbucks where we always stop (that was REALLY sad). But we did make it there in record time. So there’s that.

Before we hit the road, I ate a smoothie and half a sweet potato with raw butter and a dash of cinnamon. Tim ate asparagus and quinoa. Then we packed a cooler with carrots, broccoli, grapes, watermelon, oranges and apples.

Fruits and veggies for the road.

Saturday morning, we had a smoothie. Then I whipped up some of the stir fry and quinoa I mentioned before and we ate that before we left for the wedding. At the wedding, we had some raw fruits and vegetables and then when we got home we were starving so we each had quinoa and half an avocado. Sunday morning, we made a smoothie and hit the road with our cooler packed with more fruits and veggies.

We did it! And we’re both feeling great!

Also, here is my favorite photo from the weekend. Don’t I have the most handsome husband!?




Detox Day 4 Check In

Okay so it’s day 4 of this detox and it really seems like the worst is behind me! Which is amazing! I woke up yesterday feeling awesome and I didn’t have a headache! I think I’ve been having headaches because of the coffee withdrawals but I think I’m finally getting over that. I should really think about not doing coffee again after this. Okay yea right.

Last night I made a delicious dinner! It was stir fried vegetables and quinoa. So simple. I chopped up an onion, some sweet peppers, carrots and broccoli and put it in a pan with coconut oil. I let them cook just a few minutes so I didn’t lose the beautiful color and then I finished it wish a splash of balsamic vinegar. Then I served it on top of some quinoa that I cooked in vegetable stock instead of water. Tim was skeptical of the balsamic but once he tasted it he loved it.

Okay look how delicious! So many colors!


We’re heading to Ohio this evening for my cousin’s wedding. It’s going to be a challenge on the road, but we can handle it. We’ll be packing up our Blendtec so we can have delicious smoothies all weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!



(I adapted my stir fry recipe from the book 1 Degree of Change: A Guide to the 21-Day Purification Program by Georgia Nab, DC, ACN)


I Can’t Have Coffee for 21 Days

Hey ya’ll,

First things first, please bear with me this next week as my blog schedule is out of whack because I’ve been working on something really cool and there’s a big announcement coming up soon for the key ingredient! (No, I’m not pregnant)

Second, I am currently in my second day of a 21 day detox and I think it would be fun to share this journey with you. Simply put, I will be eating only fruits and vegetables for the first ten days (Only 8 more days to go!) and most of those have to be raw. Oh and I have to eat twice as many vegetables as fruits. Then on the 11th day, I can add one serving of meat a day. The purpose of this detox is to rid my body of everyday toxins that have accumulated since I have been eating so many processed foods. It’s actually called a purification according to the plan I’m following and I love that it’s called that. My main motivation is to feel better, and, I’m sure I’ll also lose a few pounds which would be awesome because my clothes are getting tighter. Wah wah. Then, another goal I have for this detox is to reset my habits and retrain myself to eat better. Since the wedding, I haven’t really been putting alot of thought into preparing healthy lunches or making good healthy choices when we eat at a restaurant. I’d like to say that I prepare a healthy meal every night for my husband but I don’t. But I am gaining some knowledge of food and some healthy recipes that I will be sharing along the way.

The most important thing to note throughout all of this is that I am not allowed to have coffee during these 21 days. Take away my bread and my sugar and I’m fine. But my coffee? That takes this challenge to a whole new level. But, I’m ready for the challenge.

Each day of this detox I am supposed to write in a journal, what I ate, how I’m feeling and if there are any physical effects.

Today, I will say that I am feeling ALOT better than I was yesterday. I had a terrible headache all day and absolutely no energy. I’m sure this is a result of no coffee but I am allowed to have green tea. So I found a delicious organic mint green tea and it will do for now :).

Here’s what I ate yesterday to just kind of give you an idea:

Breakfast: Berry Smoothie: 1.5 C of frozen organic berries, half a banana, handful of spinach and protein powder by standard process (the company who invented this particular detox)

Snack: 1 C raw sliced sweet potatoes

Lunch: Sauteed sweet potato and 1/2 C quinoa (obviously I wasn’t very creative)

Snack: Kale chips (homemade, just baked with a little olive oil and salt and pepper)

Dinner: Lentil Soup

Snack: Watermelon

Oh and I had 3 cups of mint green tea (no honey) and pretended it was coffee with half and half.

Lucky for me, my husband is joining me on this adventure and it’s like a dream for him because raw vegetables are basically his coffee.

A huge challenge for me is finding vegetables that I actually like to eat raw. So far, I really only like carrots, cucumber, sweet potato and spinach. I like alot of other things cooked but I need more ideas for delicious raw veggies. What are some of your favorites?

Wish me luck!


Snow Day

It’s a snowy day in Franklin, Tennessee. It’s like a winter wonderland! And I mean that in the worst way possible.

Tim got a snow day and instead of sleeping in, he got out of the warm bed to tend to my ice-covered car. I love that about him. Plus he knows that snow and ice makes me cry and he doesn’t know what to do when I cry so he prevents it instead.

I didn’t always hate winter this much.

Snow days were such happy days in our house growing up! Mom would let me sleep in and when I woke up, daddy and I would go for a walk to the neighborhood donut shop (little sister was still too little to come). The entire neighborhood was covered in white. I remember thinking how beautiful it was as we stomped our way through the deep snow the three blocks to the donut shop. We always sat at the counter. Dad drank his coffee and I drank my chocolate milk and had a glazed donut. I can still smell that place and I can remember the man who made the donuts.

When we got back home, I would play in the snow for what seemed like hours (it was probably more like 20 minutes) and then mom would call me inside for some hot chocolate to warm up. Then I’d go back out. I used to love the snow! Snow days were the absolute best days.

I hope I can make snow days as special for my kids as my parents made them for me.

Maybe I should have a snowball fight with Tim after work and try to channel my inner snow day child.

What are your snow day memories?

The Best Prank Ever.

It was my senior year of high school, just a typical Monday morning and I was running a little late. Well probably a lot late. It was my senior year after all, and I didn’t even have an actual class first period. Once I finished applying my white eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow (I’ve come a long way), I slid on my navy blue adidas sandals and hit the door running. But, something was amiss with my 1992 Honda Accord with the dent in the trunk. The entire passenger side of the car was HOT PINK. I’m talking florescent. From a distance, it honestly looked like the car had been painted. I was strangely upset about the new paint job, even though I’ve never had a problem with hot pink. I mean honestly, at least paint the whole car and not just the passenger side! But as I got closer, I realized that this wasn’t paint after all. It was hundreds of post-it notes perfectly lined and covering the side of my car.  Well I couldn’t drive to school that way! The sticky notes would have fallen off and I would have been littering. So I had to get them all off, one by one, which made me even later for school. I can’t even remember if I made it to first period that day at all. What I did know was that someone got me good.

The 2013 Diana would have just tweeted about it or sent out a mass text to find out who did this. But, it was 2004. We didn’t have facebook or twitter and definitely not unlimited texting. All we had was xanga and voteforfun.com. We also used the ancient method of writing messages to each other via pen and paper, folding them up neatly and passing them to our friends directly or sliding them through the vents in our lockers. Weird right? Anyway. I finally I heard my sprint flip phone ringing (my ringtone was “Milkshake”, I really wish that wasn’t true) I pulled up the antenna and answered. It was the culprit.

Moral of the story, don’t wear white eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow.

You got this.

So. You know that thing you didn’t think you could do? Guess what? You can.

You do have willpower.
You are creative.
You are smart.
You are good enough.

Start today. I’m going to.

Summer. Please come soon.

It’s freezing outside. It’s raining. And there’s only one thing to do before S.A.D. kicks in, think about summer things. So, here are the top ten things I love about summer:

10. Summer isn’t winter.

9. June is my favorite month and ironically, it happens in the summer.

8. Watermelon.

7. Sunshine = suntan.

6. Cute sundresses! I want this one.

5. Picnics at Arrington.

4. Glitter Unicorn Party (2013 date TBA)


3. Horseback riding!

2. Laying by the pool!

1. Lake days!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes summer awesome. Now back to the previously programmed season, winter.

Lost Notes

I have the worst memory. Of all time. In history. I can’t remember what I wore yesterday or what I had for supper. This is a great quality when there are things that I don’t care to remember, but for the most part it’s just inconvenient. Fortunately, that’s why the Lord created iPhones. I am constantly documenting moments with photos, recording voice memos or typing something out in the notes app. The only problem is, once I type something in notes I may as well have written it in a letter and put that letter in a bottle and then put the bottle in the sea because I NEVER look at it again. That brings me to today’s subject matter. Lost notes.

I found myself going through all of the notes in my phone today and among the grocery lists and login credentials, I found some real gems. For instance, one said “Don’t throw my rock away” and that’s all. Another said, “It’s just pennies”. These two notes probably had some real significance at some point but now I have no idea what they mean and I’m left to assume that I was sleep typing. But I did find some good reminders in there too. Like this one:


Oh and guess who needed to be reminded of exactly these things today? This gal. I don’t know where I was or who I was listening to when I typed this note but I like to think that God knew I would come back to it at just the right time.

Music Video Review – Payphone

So I finally got around to watching the video for ‘Payphone’ by Maroon 5, hoping it would shed some light on why exactly Adam Levine was talking on a payphone in the first place. Thankfully, in the very first scene you see him standing in front of a burning car, frustrated that his cell phone is broken. Oh so that’s why he needs a payphone. His car caught on fire and broke his iPhone. Solved it.
Except the questions don’t stop there. Next, you see a flashback of Adam at work in a bank. There is a shot of his obvious love interest (maybe the person he is talking to on the payphone?) At first you think this video might be cute like the Taylor Swift video that ends with Matt Saracen coming home from war. But then suddenly the bank robbers bust in. So predictable. Not.  Then of course Adam grabs a gun and proceeds to narrowly escape the bank, with his girl.

But here’s where it gets confusing. They run out of the bank and then they just keep running. And then they run from the cops. And then Adam leaves the girl and steals a roadster from his buddy Wiz Khalifa. Naturally, a high speed chase ensues. Helicopters. Mounted Go Pro shots in the car. Adam driving like a maniac. But then suddenly Wiz appears in what seems to be the scene of the crash where the video began. He doesn’t seem angry about the car so that’s good. Adam then pulls a maneuver that sends a cop car into the air spinning three times landing in flames, thus ending the chase. But what happens next is perhaps the most puzzling moment of all. You see an over the shoulder wide shot with Wiz watching as Adam slowly drives the roadster under the bridge.

This begs the question, did Wiz know this was what would happen all along?

What exactly did happen?

Just after this shot, Adam exits the car and it explodes. But don’t worry, there’s a payphone. Maybe that’s why Wiz is watching Adam, he’s like the fairy godmother except with payphones and not ball gowns. No? Me neither. 

And the mystery remains.

And who is he talking to on this payphone?

I say he’s calling his mom to pick him up. Dude clearly needs a ride.