Friday favorites.

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite things from this week.

First things first. Happy one week birthday to my manicure. Still looking good. Shout out to my girl Emily at the Venetian in Green Hills. Nailed it. See what I did there?20130301-125129.jpg

FAVORITE song: Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) by Hillsong United

Have ya’ll heard this song? It’s been on repeat in my iTunes ever since Megan told me about it on Wednesday. Such a great song and the lyrics have been my prayer all week.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever you would call me.”

FAVORITE website: craigslist

Coach and I will be out all weekend shopping for a new (used) car for me. My hope is that next week I can have a series entitled “The Craigslist Chronicles” which will feature the encounters we have with assorted craigslist car salesmen. I love craigslist. Last time I sold some things I got invited to a bonfire. Here’s to new friendships!

FAVORITE instagram account to follow: Bunnymama

If you love cute photos of bunnies, you will die.

FAVORITE youtube video: Taylor Swift ‘Trouble’ (Goat edition)

Also, this brings me to my FAVORITE question of the week: Do I color my hair brown or leave it blonde? I really love Taylor Swift’s brown haircolor in that video and lately I have been going back and forth between wanting to be blonde and wanting to be brunette. I’m not a natural blonde (gasp) and my hair grows back so quickly and there’s alot of upkeep. Last week my little cousin Bella asked me what the black line was in my hair. She was referring to my roots. Whats a gal to do? Blonde or brown? I have a hair appointment next Thursday with the amazing Abby. Hopefully I can decide by then.

Okay that’s all.

Happy Friday ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Friday favorites.

  1. Just know that your hair is not who you are! You are loved for your sweet spirit, who care about hair color, i’m sure coach doesn’t care! Totally your call your loved either way embrace the blond, brown, red or purple and sometimes green:) lol

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