Lost Notes

I have the worst memory. Of all time. In history. I can’t remember what I wore yesterday or what I had for supper. This is a great quality when there are things that I don’t care to remember, but for the most part it’s just inconvenient. Fortunately, that’s why the Lord created iPhones. I am constantly documenting moments with photos, recording voice memos or typing something out in the notes app. The only problem is, once I type something in notes I may as well have written it in a letter and put that letter in a bottle and then put the bottle in the sea because I NEVER look at it again. That brings me to today’s subject matter. Lost notes.

I found myself going through all of the notes in my phone today and among the grocery lists and login credentials, I found some real gems. For instance, one said “Don’t throw my rock away” and that’s all. Another said, “It’s just pennies”. These two notes probably had some real significance at some point but now I have no idea what they mean and I’m left to assume that I was sleep typing. But I did find some good reminders in there too. Like this one:


Oh and guess who needed to be reminded of exactly these things today? This gal. I don’t know where I was or who I was listening to when I typed this note but I like to think that God knew I would come back to it at just the right time.


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