Happy New Year.

Well Christmas is over, it’s officially 2011.  And yes, I did complete my Christmas shopping in a Christmas Eve frenzy at the Mall at Fairfield Commons.  And no, I did not have to make any purchases at the Hickory Farms kiosk.  That equals success to me.

Okay so, today we have two things to discuss.  First things first.  Country Strong. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack, I can’t stop singing the songs.  I live for the day when I marry a cowboy and have a southern accent.  I have also decided to take up the guitar.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  More importantly, Garrett Hedlund (Beau Hutton in the movie) took the stage and stole my heart.  His song “Chances Are” is one from the soundtrack that I listen to over and over, it’s reeal country, that’s what i love about it.  And please don’t judge me for entering to win a meet and greet with Garrett..it’s embarassing.

Speaking of embarrassing…

Last week, a coworker of mine shared that he had seen me in a video on youtube about Nashville Neighborhoods…I thought, well that’s funny, I don’t remember being in any videos.  Actually, I don’t remember alot of things, like my age or phone number. But sure enough, it was me.  And boy did I say some hilariously embarrassing things.  See for yourself…you’ll especially love what I say around 3:14.

“Another thing I love about Nashville is, the celebrities everywhere”.


Allow me to redeem myself by sharing this photo of Garrett aka Beau…

Ponies and Sparkles,




4 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Diana!

    You are SOooooo funny. This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I love it. I’m going to read it every time you post now.


    PS: I just finished the second book of The Hunger Games. I’m not ashamed. lol

  2. I love you, your cakes, and your comments about cakes and more! Lets go see country strong. Sounds like you could see it again. PS- chad is thinking about selling his guitar soon and getting a new one. He might give you a deal. 😉

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